While the series was extremely popular among the masses, the Glee songs also Remembering Naya Rivera: Santana’s best performances on ‘Glee’ Naya Rivera’s tragic and sudden death is still sending shockwaves throughout the Glee cast and the community as a whole. Here’s a sweet duet with Santana and Demi Lovato’s character, Dani, from season 5. Liv Tyler Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis, Says Illness "F's With…, Justin Thomas Loses Ralph Lauren Sponsorship Over Homophobic Slur, Celebrate Betty White's 99th Birthday with 7 Streaming Favorites, After Twitter Banned Donald Trump, Election Misinformation…, SPY Guide: How to Clean, Disinfect and Sanitize Every Type of…, Copyright © 2021 TVLine Media, LLC. Andy Swift / The idea of Santana breaking up with Brittany was difficult enough for fans to accept — and that was before Glee paired it with this devastating performance. Singing the Taylor Swift song “Mine,” Santana gave it her all in this emotional performance. Pair her with Amber Riley’s Mercedes to team up on these Adele classics, and you’re in for an absolute treat. Glee was no amateur hour, and it only takes the best of the best to perform songs from killer artists like Adele. GLEE: Mercedes (Amber Riley, L), Santana (Naya Rivera, C) and Brittany (Heather Morris, R) perform the 300th musical performance of GLEE. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series produced by Fox.It focuses on the glee club New Directions, at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. It’s been 11 years since “Glee” introduced viewers to Santana Lopez, the fierce and passionate high school cheerleader played by Naya Rivera, … As the seasons went on, she became a more complex character. Her four-year-old son, who was also on the boat, survived. Glee Songs. Some things are just too difficult to revisit.). Earlier today, it was confirmed that Naya Rivera, best known for playing Santana Lopez in Glee, had died after a boating incident in California. 16 Santana Lopez Performances From "Glee" That Are Actually Timeless. Television Quiz / Glee Songs: Santana Lopez Random Television or Song Quiz Can you name the songs on Glee as sung by Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera)? Top 10 Santana & Brittany Musical Numbers On Glee + 10. The saving grace of this episode is the duet “La Isla Bonita”, between Ricky Martin and Santana. Teenage Dream (Reprise) This is among Glee… Why did Kanye West compare his vision for the United States to Wakanda? Trending pages. She Loves YouThe Beatles "She Loves You" by The Beatles was the song that convinced Ozzy Osbourne to make music his life. Actress Naya Rivera, who rose to fame as Santana on ‘Glee,’ dies at 33 By MARK KENNEDY The Associated Press, Updated July 13, 2020, 10:37 p.m. Email to a Friend BEST GLEE SONGS EVER. Is WandaVision Magic Inconsistent? Of course, there are just too many good songs to choose from, but these five, in particular, represent the best of Santana — and the best of Naya Rivera and her amazing talents. Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Frank Micelotta/FOX. When Glee became one of the breakout TV hits of 2009, Naya Rivera was one of the breakout stars on the high school musical dramedy. And let’s not forget Brittany’s emotional response, too. Scroll down to relive 10 of Santana’s biggest moments, then drop a comment with your picks. Mark Hamill Thanks The Mandalorian Finale Director for His Role in Revisiting Luke as 'A Symbol of Hope', WandaVision's Elizabeth Olsen on Why We Shouldn't Fear Wanda's [Spoiler], Did Teri Hatcher Wow on Wheel? Glee wouldn’t have been the addicting television milestone it was without the late Naya Rivera‘s Santana. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Through her role on Glee, Naya changed and saved countless lives.Her voice and talent played a tremendous role in the show, and those performances will live on forever. Glee: 10 Best Songs Covered By Santana. History Talk (0) This is the category for songs sung by Santana Lopez. Listen to Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera)'s songs in Glee (duet, solo, group, backup) in full in the Spotify app. Santana quickly became a fan favorite for her quippy zingers and sarcastic wit, and soon fans fell in love with her unbelievable singing voice through her show-stopping Glee … Though she played nearly two dozen roles throughout her career, Rivera will be remembered most for her iconic portrayal of Glee‘s Santana Lopez, an unapologetic powerhouse with a voice even bigger than her heart. Songs sung by Santana Lopez. BuzzFeed Staff. Play on Spotify Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Santana was outed as a lesbian in season three. When Glee became one of the breakout TV hits of 2009, Naya Rivera was one of the breakout stars on the high school musical dramedy. As cheerleader Santana Lopez, Rivera was originally relegated to a slightly villainous background part, but thanks to her sardonic way with a one-liner and vocal depth, she was upped to series regular by season 2. The show was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, and features many cover versions of songs sung on-screen by the characters. Which of Rivera’s performances will you always remember? As we go down the list of amazing songs from amazing female singers that Santana absolutely slayed, we come to “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. Naya Rivera singing “Valerie” has to be the number one song on the list. And now for the tears. There were tons of Brittana shippers back in the day, and what an anthem this was for that ship. The idea of Santana breaking up with Brittany was difficult enough for fans to accept — and that was before Glee paired it with this devastating performance. It’s definitely clear she’s really giving it her all. Smooth Criminal; The Scientist; Rumour Has It/Someone Like You; Loser Like Me; Valerie; She has evolved throughout the show from a popular teenager, to a caring and strong-willed young woman. She also had a knack for putting her own stamp on familiar songs, giving the originals a run for their money. Powered by Minute Media © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Naya's voice was, quite literally, music to our ears. July 13 2020, 3:11 PM PDT. Follow the Music section on FanSided Entertainment for more. Though by no means the only Santana songs worth revisiting, they’re certainly a good place to start. The following article will teach you how to look like Santana, Act like her and learn her fashion style and personality. In FOX's hit musical series Glee, Santana Lopez (portrayed by the late Naya Rivera) was a fan favorite from the beginning for her strong-willed personality, promiscuous style, and never being afraid to speak her mind.She provided a voice to many in the LGBTQ+ community and was an incredible role model for many who were going through her character's same on-screen struggles. Glee: Glee is a musical comedy-drama that aired on Fox Network between May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on All Music and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. "Santana not only showed me it was OK to go down that route of being a creative as a career, but to be gay and be open about who I … The show starred actors like Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, and Kevin McHale in the lead roles. Santana Lopez, played by Naya Rivera, was one of the best members of the Glee club on Fox's Glee. Anyone who’s a real die-hard Glee fan knows that Glee isn’t just the Rachel Berry show. Here are five of the best Santana songs from Glee performed by Naya Rivera. drop a comment with your picks. It’s an ensemble show, comprised of some of the best actor-singers in 2009 and the mid-2010s. By (Few would dare to do what she did with a timeless classic like “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” and even fewer could actually pull it off.). (For the record, we excluded that performance — you know the one — from Glee‘s Cory Monteith tribute episode. by jennabee Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. As fans across the world grapple with the loss of Naya Rivera — the 33-year-old actress was confirmed dead on Monday after a multi-day investigation into her disappearance — TVLine is reflecting on the music she left behind. From Santana's start on Glee, she made it clear she wasn’t the type to be trifled with. A Look Back At Naya Rivera’s Best Songs On ‘Glee’ From 'Songbird' to 'River Deep, Mountain High'. Your privacy is safe with us. by Junkee 14 July 2020. All rights Listen to Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera)'s songs in Glee (duet, solo, group, backup) now. Logan Morrison jokes about playing in front of no fans in 2020, Kawhi Leonard says making a statement is about the work, not jersey messages, Paris Hilton's 'Stars Are Blind' is an underrated, forgotten summer bop, Jerry Jeudy Taken by Jaguars in B/R User 2020 NFL Mock Draft, 6 Hamilton songs that are absolutely perfect for the MCU. List of songs with Songfacts entries for Santana. From high-energy Tina Turner numbers to heartbreaking power ballads, Rivera elevated every song she was tasked with performing. Glee songs featuring Santana and Brittney (Plus my three favourite Unique songs) Category page. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. And as part of that staple cast through the show’s six years on TV was the ever-talented Naya Rivera, who played Santana Lopez. Naya Rivera was confirmed dead June 13. What a truly powerful performance from her here. Who could forget Santana… Here, performing the late Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” she showed she had the talent to do it all. Edit. Valerie . Television Quiz / Santana songs Glee Random Television Quiz Can you name the Santana songs on Glee. Over the course of six seasons of Glee, Rivera played Santana Lopez will razor sharpness and aching vulnerability, turning her into a rich and complex character. Santana Lopez is a regular character from the Musical-Comedy-Drama Glee. Popular Quizzes Today. Did…. reserved.PMC Entertainment. 1. ... Also, I missed a couple of these songs. Santana Diabla Lopez is a major character on Glee, and is alumna of William McKinley High Schoolas ofGoodbye.She served as the co-captain of the Cheerios, as a member of the school's Glee Club, the New Directions and was previously a member of the all-girls second Glee Club, The Troubletones. To remember Naya Rivera, let's look back at the 19 best Santana Glee songs. On Glee, Naya Rivera proved herself to be the ultimate triple threat. In honor of Rivera, who passed away on July 13, we’re looking back at some of the best songs she performed as McKinley High’s Santana — the fierce, power vocals-having cheerleader who (honestly) gave Rachel a run for her money. After all, Glee was loved (and mocked) most for its songs. Former Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski joins group looking to bring MLB to Nashville. Though this song might make Brittana shippers a little jealous, there’s no denying that the two are absolutely sweet singing this song together. What a couple! Here are five of her best songs on the show. And that’s what made fans absolutely love Santana and Rivera to this day. Naya Rivera was a 'Glee' standout, making Santana Lopez — an unapologetic teen lesbian when few existed on TV — unforgettable. Which of Rivera’s performances will you always remember? As a tribute to all that Rivera gave us during her time on Glee, TVLine has compiled 10 of Santana’s top performances from the show’s run. But that’s no problem for Santana, who was absolutely getting down in this “Rumour Has It/Someone Like You” mashup. During the whole series, Naya Rivera showed she had the absolute RANGE to perform songs from all kinds of singers and match them (if not best them) at their own game. Honor Naya Rivera and her Glee character with Santana's best 'Glee' songs, performances and videos. by Ehis Osifo. by klainer00 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle .