If you are in Ladakh in November, then you must prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the cold days and nights you are about to experience. Weather can also get bad at any time and there is possibility of snowfall, though not heavy, during the end of November. Temperature January. , Great location. During this time, on higher reaches such as Rohtang, visitors can see the fresh snowfall. Dharamshala Weather in November Month November is just starting of the winter and autumn is in it’s mid. There are strong chances of snowfall around Manali from 23 November to 25 November. Temperature in Monsoon: 10°C - 17°C. -7°C | 19°F. The Pass is closed on Tuesdays. Today Manali weather forecast is ℃ and . Daytime maximum temperatures average around a cold 7°C (44°F), whilst at night -5°C (23°F) is normal. The average values for day and night temperatures during November were 27.6 °F и 18.1 °F respectivly. Get AccuWeather alerts as they happen with our browser notifications. For Snow Play : November to March; As Summer retreat : March to June; For Treks : August to October; Manali weather in 2012 . Would love to stay, Very good hotels and cabs provided by them. Today Manali Himachal Pradesh India: Partly cloudy with a temperature of 13°C and a wind South-East speed of 6 Km/h. -2°C | 28°F. The average temperatures are between 23°C and 27°C. The highest day temperature in November 2019 was 38 °F. The views of Taradevi temple is best part During this period skies are free of hill top clouds and days are sunny while the nights are really chilling. Overall economical and best !! Being vegetarian, I was very happy to know that owners of the resort are pure vegetarian family. If You Want To Know More You Can Join Us At netguidebook (.in) Best time to visit Manali is Sep - June. It's complicated... New FEMA tool shows risk of weather disasters in different p... How's the weather shaping up for Inauguration Day? 2 Week Extended Forecast in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. The temperature of Manali in early November is around 10°C during day time and 5°C in night. 0.4mm | 0.0 inches. If you are a nature lover and clear blue sky is your priority, October to November is the best time to visit Manali. Room, was neat & Clean. Why To Visit Manali … High hills of Kullu, Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur, Chamba and Kangra are getting fresh snowfall since Friday evening. Our picks of monthly subscription boxes for winter. Very cooperative and helpful staff. Details of Summary Table. Weather here is treacherous, unpredictable and extreme. The month of November cold ...... Rohtang Pass in January Rohtang Pass is 51 kms from Manali town and with an altitude of 4111 metres on the Manali Keylong highway. Snow Activities : Marked months are those in which one could possibly indulge in amateur skiing, snowboarding, snow mobile or just to throw snow balls at one another. Temperature December. Loved the Beauty of the Place. You can visit Manali anytime throughout the year except the monsoon season (July to September) to avoid landslides and road blockages. Nevertheless, there would be snow at Gulaba /snow point. information on Himachal Pradesh India. The minimum temperature recorded at Shimla was 11.4 degrees and 4.8 degrees Celsius in Manali. They take upmost care in providing vegetarian food and services. In december the climate is good. Explore Mystical Himalayas, Get Best Travel Quotes. Manali in winters: From October till March. Precipitation / Rainfall December. Snowfall often takes place from November end till … Due to its altitude, there is heavy snowfall in winters. During winters, the temperature drops down to a minimum of 1°C. Do plan for a day visit to the near Rohtang pass, it’s a nice place to see ice and snow around you. Precipitation / Rainfall January. Winters reach Manali with the coming of October and last till February. No meteorology depertment have got weather forecasts that are accurate. The weather in Manali can be characterized as predominantly cold during winters and moderately cool during summers. Temperature January min. Temperature December max. Manali is one of India’s most picturesque and popular hill stations, located at an altitude of 2050 m in the Beas river valley. spent few days at the hotel and stayed in a great room with a view, we had a fab breakfast and all staff were friendly and helpful. Scroll right to see more Conditions Comfort Precipitation Sun; Day Temperature Weather Try searching for a city, zip code or point of interest. 2°C | 35°F. Expect the temperature to drop several degrees below zeroes during nights. Answer 1 of 7: Hi my friends! Cold is pleasant and certainly not unbearable during November. In fact, you can enjoy the weather and scenic as well as eye-catching view of the huge hills and mountains. 08988794801-4 | 0177-2661991 |email. You will hardly feel going back to your place from the calm, chilly and of course ravishing mountains of Manali. You can expect rain for roughly half of the month of January in Manali. Manali weather in December. Manali, Himachal Pradesh 34° F Rooms are clean and give a beautiful morning view. Find weather of Manali in summer, winter and monsoon at Goibibo. ☁ Manali Himachal Pradesh India 15 Day Weather Forecast. The weather is pleasant through this season. May stay in Solang Valley Resort for a day and the remaining days in Manali. Rohtang Pass is likely to be closed in November end. This is related to the point above. The last month of the post monsoon autumn, November, is still a comfortable month in Manali, India, with average temperature fluctuating between 18.4°C (65.1°F) and 1.5°C (34.7°F). The temperature rises to 77°F and it rains in november about 0.4in. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. Get the monthly weather forecast for Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. The average temperature during summer is between 10 °C (50 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F), and between −7 °C (19 °F) to 15 °C (59 °F) in the winter. Sunrise Holidays Shimla: Explore Himachal with Us, Sunrise Villa, Shoghi, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, landline: 0177-2661991 | e-mail [email protected], Get value for money Himachal packages from travel experts based in Shimla. May contact the following vendors for transport : Mr. Vivek, Trip Manali Holidays C/O Ashtvinayak Tours & … At this time, the temperature ranges from 10°C to 30°C. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Wonderful stay at the Sunrise Holidays Hotel. I would recommend this hotel and have given a 4-5* review. In regard to services, I have found totally satisfied. The temperature level at the bar will be crazily as low as -2* Celsius and as you ascend from a different temperature from the base, chances to feel altitude sickness and fluctuations in the body are quite higher.Height: The highest roadside bar in the world is located at an elevation of 4270 meters above the sea level before the steep Baralacha La roads starts.Location: From Manali, Zingzing Bar is … See weather overview. The climate in Manāli during November can be summarized as cool and dry. AccuWeather School: How can cars float in floodwaters. This is the main snow point in Manali with an altitude of 4111 metres high on the Manali- Keylong highway. -4°C | 26°F. MANALI: Himachal government has sounded an alert following heavy snowfall warning in mid and high hills and heavy rains in low hills till January 6 by meteorological department. -12°C | 11°F. We’re expecting roughly 8 to 15 days of rain, so your rubber boots and umbrella are going to see plenty of use this month if you’re keen on staying dry. Temperature in Nov month at Manali The temperature of Manali in early November is around 10 0 C during day time and 5 0 C in night. Excellent Service. -9°C | 16°F. The temperature of Manali in early November is around 100C during day time and 50C in night. Monthly precipitation varies between 31 mm (1.2 in) in November and 217 mm (8.5 in) in July. Tip: Do not forget to carry your raincoat and rain boots if you visit during the rainy season. Cold is pleasant and certainly not unbearable during November. Manali enjoys mild weather during these two time periods when the hills are covered in lush foliage, there’s lots of sunshine, and one can engage in plenty of activities. The average minimum temperature of Manali in first week of December will remain between -1 and -3 and maximum day temperature will be 10 to 18 degrees Celsius. GoHimachal.info provides complete travel Pandemic woes for artists that rely on outdoor festivals. Value for money. Hotel Staff Behaviour is Very Good. © 2020 AccuWeather, Inc. "AccuWeather" and sun design are registered trademarks of AccuWeather, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Manali Weather in November is cold so come prepared with all the winter stuff to enjoy your time. Shimla Manali Packages || Himachal Packages || Trekking & Camping || Sunrise Holidays Shimla, Shimla Manali Packages || Himachal Packages, Trekking & Camping || Sunrise Holidays Shimla. Sunrise Travels, Sunrise Villa, Shoghi, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh India | The views are amazing and everything you expect from hilly place. Daily high temperatures decrease by 2°F, from 86°F to 84°F, rarely falling below 81°F or exceeding 90°F. Temperature decreases as the month passes or weather turns bad. It is provided to help you plan your holiday. Nice Experience. My girlfriend and I, are planning to go to Manali (and around) in mid November so we were wondering about the weather. 1. 1.3mm | 0.1 inches. Sunny, Cloudy and Gloomy days Shawls, Sweaters, warm clothes for kids are must for visiting during November. Kasauli has a lot to see and do, such as beautiful mountains, romantic trails, lush green gardens and stony paths etc. There are high chances of snowfall in Manali in November. Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India - Monthly weather averages including average high and low Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Wind Charts to assist you in planning your travel, holiday or an outdoor activity at Manali, India Pack your clothes accordingly. Staff is efficient and quick in service. The valleys around are covered with snow during this month. Author: Munish Aggarwal owner of Sunrise Villa Shimla, Sunrise Travels and Sunrise internet solutions, writes on a variety of topics including finance, technology, lifestyle and travel. The weather becomes rather unpredictable and is quite cold during the month of November. This is the onset of winter season in Manali where the temperature will be pleasant ranging between 5 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius. Receptionist was very welcoming and informative… Me and my friends. Manali Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures °F. Manali weather in January. Average Weather in November in Manali India. By early evening, the temperature averages 54°F … The temperature ranges from a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius. Himachal Pradesh is also called "Devbhumi" land of the gods. Staff is helpful and generous. The weather stays pleasant in the day and turns cool at night. The humidity will be 17% and there will be 0.0 mm of precipitation. During the January month, there’s always ...... Shimla weather in November 2021 Before going for a visit one should consider the weather. Last 2 weeks of weather. ...... Kasauli Weather in November Month Kasauli is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Travels Shimla. The lowest night temperature was 4 °F. In fact, you can enjoy the weather and scenic as well as eye catching view of the huge hills and mountains. Snowfall: Possibility of fresh snowfall at Manali town, Gulaba, Solang or at Rohtang Pass.This does not mean there will be a continous snowfall in marked months! The temperature in state which had increased by 4 to 5 With the outset of the November all the localities and visitors start wearing the heavy clothes as one cannot move outside without wearing the sweater and jackets. Best time to visit Manali. The temperature rises to 88°F and it rains in september about 6.2in. Thanks in advance for reading my post! In Manali, the average high-temperature in November marginally drops, from a pleasant 22.5°C (72.5°F) in … If you are vegetarian, friends, this is the best place as usually you need to search and find such places. Temperature January max. During the month of November, the Pass is opened for the tourists but only before 15th of Nov after that it will be closed till 15th May. Service was Excellent. Manali temperature in January is -2℃. Play with snowballs by throwing on each other, it will be great fun and also there is so many snow activities. Spending your time with your near and dear ones in the Manali hills will surely be a fantastic experience. It’s your own choice or wish if you want to go in a summer season or in winters. What is the ideal house temperature when it gets cold? The temperature ranges from 5 to … Temperature December min. When will the polar vortex send Arctic air? The last month of the post monsoon autumn, November, is still a comfortable month in Manali, India, with average temperature fluctuating between 18.4°C (65.1°F) and 1.5°C (34.7°F). The important part is this place is still untouched from hustle bustle of city. 2. This is the main snow point in Manali with an altitude of 4111 metres high on the Manali- Keylong highway. Daily low temperatures decrease by 2°F, from 76°F to 73°F, rarely falling below 70°F or exceeding 78°F. If you are planning to visit Himachal get in touch with Surnise November is in the fall / autumn in Manāli and is typically the 5th coldest month of the year. Temperature decreases as the month passes or weather turns bad. Between october and november the climate is perfect. Weather pattern and climate conditions in Manali are based on observations over the years. The temperature ...... Rohtang Pass in November 2021 The main tourist spot in Manali and also in Himachal Pradesh is the Rohtang Pass. Hotel Food was Delicious. Temperatures.